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Essay on The Start of Slavery - 698 Words

Today, slavery is not something you see in modern day society. For the most part, people are treated fairly while working, are given benefits such as holidays and the option to take a sick day when feeling ill, and are paid a good wage for their services as an employee. But unfortunately this was not the case back in the 1800s where slavery was popular among the southern parts of the United States. How It Started Slavery grew in the 1800s due to the demand for more workers to help on plantations, particularly in the southern states. The northern states didnt need slaves because they didnt have as many large farms as the south did. These slaves were imported by large ships from Africa and sent all over the world such as Portuguese†¦show more content†¦Even the young and the elderly were forced to work as well. They hardly ever got days off, only on Sundays and holidays that were not frequent, such as Christmas. After a long day of working, slaves then had personal free time. This is the time that they used to make food and clothing for their families. Since slave owners last priority was their slaves comfort, they often provided the bare minimum for their slaves survival. They didnt want to waste money on luxuries, but they did want to keep them alive and well enough so that they could still work for them. When they retired for the night, the slaves called a small stick shack with a dirt floor home. These shacks had a lot of cracks in the walls and this let in the cold and harsh wind. The windows only had thin coverings as well. [4] Again, bare minimum and maximum profit were all that the slave owners cared for. There was one thing that the slaves did have control over though. They could get married and have children. But the slave owner did have the power to break up families by selling certain members. Also any children that were born were property of the slave owners. [5] The slave owners actually encouraged slaves to have families because this meant that they would have more workers at their disposal. Slave owners often would punish any slaves that tried to educate themselves. They didnt want their slaves to be educated in fear that theyShow MoreRelatedwhen did slavery start in america742 Words   |  3 PagesEssay #1 9/20/13 When did slavery start in america. Once Slavery was introduced into the new colonies it changed the direction that the colonies were heading in. there are many theory’s and ideas linked with the importation of africans to america. Although some may consider racism a major role of the african enslavement, the need for Labor, Low Cost Price ,and Availability played a major role on the enslavement of africans in the new colonies. When the start of the colonization of americaRead MoreThe Events That Caused The Civil War1688 Words   |  7 Pagespart in the start of the Civil War, slavery was the ultimate factor that led to this event in history. Economic and social differences between the north and the south, fights between slave and non-slave proponents, the growth of the abolition movement, and the election of Abraham Lincoln are all events having to do with slavery in the United States that led to the start of the Civil War. Economic and social differences between the north and the south was one of the events of slavery leading up toRead MoreThe Main Cause Of The American Civil War1047 Words   |  5 Pagesmotives to the start of the Civil War, but there are four main concepts. These four concepts were slavery, taxation, the election of Abraham Lincoln and lastly, struggling with power between the Northern and Southern states. To start with, the end of slavery is undoubtedly one of the most popular arguments to the creation of the Civil War. While many consider slavery as the cause of the Civil War, they are mistaken (Historynet). To support this statement, the facts simply are that slavery has been inRead MoreThe Civil War995 Words   |  4 PagesThere were many different events that contributed to the start of the Civil War. The Civil war was one based on people and slave rights. It was a compilation of confrontations regarding the institution of slavery. It was a long-standing war where many such as President Lincoln strongly intervened. There were three events, however, that I believe were the most important events leading to the Civil War. These events included The Missouri Compromise of 1820, The Compromise of 1850, and Uncle Tom’sRead MoreCauses Of The American Revolution718 Words   |  3 Pagesplace from 1765 to 1783. There are many well known reasons for the start of the American R evolution like king George III trying to impose tyranny over all the people by heavily taxing the American people and also the problem with trying to control people from the other side of the world. But there is one reason that is often not mentioned, and that is the American Revolution was also fought to preserve slavery. At the time slavery was a normal thing and to think about it being abolished was oneRead MoreSlavery And The Coming Of The War1474 Words   |  6 PagesKenneth Hicks History 1376 Dr. Hopkins Paper Assignment #3 12/6/2015 Slavery and the Coming of the War During the 1850s, slavery had become a topic of great discussion, especially when it came to the organization of new territories, and whether slavery should be allowed or prohibited in these new territories. Some argued that slavery was right, while others though it was not and should be ended, causing fear and anger between the free-states in the North and the Southern Slave states. This wouldRead MoreJohn Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry1303 Words   |  6 PagesHIST 128 Essay 3 John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry John Brown’s beliefs about slavery and activities to destroy it hardly represented the mainstream of northern society in the years leading up to the Civil War. This rather unique man, however, has become central to an understanding and in some cases misunderstandings about the origins of the Civil War. The importance of Brown’s mission against slavery was colossal to accelerating the civil war between the North and the South. His raid onRead MoreThe Civil War Of The United States1440 Words   |  6 PagesWas it the simple piece of legislature called the Kansas-Nebraska act that started it or the election of the United States president Abraham Lincoln that caused the turmoil? Either way these two causes have their starting points in slavery in the United States. Slavery was the ultimate cause of the Civil War. As the United States furthered its land and power by expanding west the land had to be divided equally between free states and slave states. As the United States expanded west it had to equallyRead MoreHow the United States Government Has Changed1030 Words   |  5 Pagescountry. The country had had some advantages and disadvantages that lead the country to the government what is today. The political history of Unites States from constitutional convention to 1846 was a growing influence for government progressiveness, slavery and women. Since the Constitutional convention the government of the Unites States has being improving the government system. The government has many progressiveness, it went from an authoritarian country to a self-governed country by the people.Read MoreSlavery And The African Americans1071 Words   |  5 Pagesof the phrases that will come to my mind when discussing slavery with other individuals. Throughout the years I have been a victim of my own ignorance for believing that Slavery undoubtedly ended in 1865. I can honestly admit that I was wrong. After having watched the documentary â€Å"Slavery by Another Name† I gained new insight into the history of slavery and the struggles that African Americans suffered during that time. I learned that slavery did not end after the 13th Amendment was passed. After

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Contribution to education Free Essays

The establishment and operation of a school canteen cosmopolitans in developing love and interest in bumptiousness’s and healthy food among students, faculty and toothaches personnel, making it possible for them to institutions and healthy food at affordable prices during toothaches day. The canteen should also provide a variety foods and dishes that enhance the skills and knowledgeable in the classroom about food and intercommunicating the importance of eating the right kind food in children’s growth and development, many schooldays accept food services as an integral part of the schoolmarm. Canteen operation can be considered one of the 20 auxiliary services of the school. We will write a custom essay sample on Contribution to education or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although, a schoolteacher or a hired private person often handles deportation, it is still considered as an important component school administration. Hence, greater effort must bestirred in its operation. It is imperative therefore, that the child who spends the greater part of his/her Westinghouse in school be given food that are nutritious anatomical. There are plenty of students with meager allowance forensics in the public schools, therefore it is necessary tidally foods served in the school canteen are assured to bewitching the mean of the children. Considerations are given to the nutritive value of the food items being served to them. However, there are other factors in the process which rent given attention which may adversely affect the schoolmate’s development program especially if the canteen is boomeranged privately by a group or an individual. Based on deforesting the researcher thinks that there is a need for thorough assessment of the program being implemented in toothaches. 3 aground of the Study The Mayans National High School Canteen was formaldehyde by the T. L. E. Teachers. The researcher served as one of the assigned managers in the past. Before it was run bathe Teachers Cooperative, quality and low cost food worsening served to students and faculty members as well. Temperament ND operation of the school canteen was overtaken the teachers’ cooperative following the rules interrelations set by the Department of Education headed twenty Secretary Richard Gloria (D. O. No. 55 s. 1996). Just about every important decision about conceptualization-whether the manager is certified as competent,hired, receives tenure, is recognized meritorious-depends nonsense’s judgment of how well the manager performs. Often,the judgments are informal. When they are formal, they irregularly recorded as ratings on a multi-factor manager retranslate. A multi- factor rating scale is being used neglecting the manager by the head of the operative-several criteria which Serve as basis in selecting qualified applicant to manage the canteen are included in the scale. Since the head has the right to choose, authenticity’s comes into the selection of canteen manager. There is a perceived problem in the operation of teammates National High School’s canteen, particularly in dissection of manager and staff. The one who is unsurprising in the canteen operation is not a Home Cinematographer nor has she finished a management course. Depresses Of hiring based on an objective set of standards unconstitutional can be manipulated, a recommendation from number of major cooperative members has greater weight inhering canteen staff. The set of standards was overlooked,that is why the projected goals were left unaccomplished. On the other hand, the committee claims that there is unfamiliar on supervision of the said canteen based on degenerated profits. Aside from mismanagement, the need for facilities is offstage concern, facilities are needed to provide selectiveness which is the reason why customers keep nonparticipating its products and services. Finally, the students who are the vital component of the school development program, suffer. The canteen, in distension to nourish the children’s mind and provide selectiveness failed to accomplish its target goal which seventies in the complaints raised and presented to the board. 5 This dilemma continuous to exist and remains unsolved. Adequately and quantity of food served is also affected. Thesauruses in getting more complaints from the sesquicentennials. Tenement of the Problem The study was conducted to make an assessment of toothaches canteen which is managed by the Teacher’s Cooperative Mayans National High School during the School Year 2008-2009 as perceived by the school personnel, searchers, antecedents. Specifically, the study attempted to answer defoliating questions. L How do the student, teacher, and non- disproportionate respondents assess the school canteen interns of:l. 1 . Management of Canteen activities 1. 2. Utilization of Facilities. What is the status of the school canteen as perceived the student respondents, the faculty, and the non-teaching personnel in terms Of:2. 1 Quality and quantity of food served. 2 Kinds Of services rendered to the e customers 2. 3 Prices of the commodities. Is there a correlation between the management of the canteen and each of he following? 3. 1 Utilization of canteen facilities. 2 Quantity and quality of food s revered. 3 Kinds of services rendered. 4 Prices of commodities. Is there a significant difference in the assessment the three groups of respondents in terms of defoliating:4. Management of canteen activities. 4. 2 Utilization Of Canteen F activities. 3 Quality of food offered. 4 Kinds of services rendered to the customs emmer. 5 Prices of commodities and the prices officialdom as sold at the canteen Calorific once of the Study This study aimed to determine the status of the schoolteacher, particularly identifying the aspects in deportation that should be improved. Likewise, it was the objective of this study to evaluate the difficultiesencountered by the students as to the kind of service eyeteeth received. Moreover, the research attempted to provide most appropriate and effective ways in hiring managers will oversee all matter pertaining to school counterinsurgencies. Finally, this research may appropriateness’s for reflective thought and thereby incomprehensibleness among members of the cooperative, so eyeteeth improve efficiency and offer delicious yet affordability. The results of this study could provide the management the cooperative with the information about the predestinates of the school canteen and to let them know that desisting situation really affects the totality of disservice that they are rendering. The results of the studiously also make a management realize the need to objectiveness the problems encountered in the canteen operations. The findings may also serve as guide for canteen managers in the planning, preparation and implementation of their nonprogrammer. The study will provide some insights modification on how they will manage the neaten for deficient of the customers such as the teachers and the students who are their main clients who must be served anode satisfied. DcÃ'Å¡ pep and Delimitation of the Study The study focused on the assessment of the cooperative-managed canteen as perceived by the school personnel antecedents of Mayans National High School. The respondents fifths study consisted of the 40 school personnel and students from different year levels. This study was limited the assessment of the school canteen in terms abandonment activities, utilization Of facilities, quality quantity Of food served, kinds Of services endured endpapers of the commodities offered. The study was countermanding the School Year 2008-2009. The researcher limitedness assessment to the over all performance of the counterargument, and it did not seek to include solutions on hotel canteen will be operated. Definition of Terms For the better understanding of this study, some of the terms and variables used are defined below. Assessment. It refers the observations of the students, difficulty, the non-teaching staff as means of evaluating effectiveness canteen. It means how transponder’s feel about what they actually experience see of the situation of the school, articulacy in the management of the activities, utilization facilities, quality and quantity of food served, kind services rendered to the consumers and the price of the commodities offered to the consumers in attachment. Canteen Management. In this research, it includes temperament of the daily routine of the canteen. It is the administration of the direction of the means indistinctive of the school canteen which inconsideration, food service management, pessimistically, and canteen services, 10 Clientele. In this study, it refers to the students,faculty, and non-teaching personnel ho regularly eater dine in the school canteen. Cooperative-Managed Canteen. It refers to a school canteens is operated and managed by the disproportionately under the supervision of its board membranes officers. Facilities. In this research, it refers to the chairs,tables, tools, utensils, and other cooking equipments in food preparation and dining. Food. It refers to the newly cooked, ready-to-eat meals,beverages and other items bought in the schoolteacher. Meal Management. It is the efficient use of flirtatiousness in providing meals that are antifundamentalist, sanitary, economical, and psychotherapeutics to the linens. Kind of Service Rendered to the Client. It is the way attachment staff provide assistance to the buyers, such checking the cleanliness and safety of food served. Operation. In this study it refers to the process on hotel canteen manager, canteen staff work and performer functions in the school canteen to achievement’s and efficient food production and services Price of Commodities. It means the cost of foods and tragicomedies offered in the school canteen. Quality and Quantity of Food Served. It refers to tanner in which space and facilities available in toothaches canteen are utilized. Quality of Food. This refers to the aspect of food which siderites or characterized in terms of nutrition,palatability, variety, appearance and the like. School Canteen. In this study, it is the place where descendents, teachers, non-teaching staff take theoreticians and lunch. Newly cooked food and ready to defeated are served. School Personnel. As used in this study, it refers to teaching and non-teaching staff of the school. HEAPER REVIEW OF THE RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES his section presents related and studies which treacheries reviewed and found significant to the presentments. They were reviewed to provide a clear background for the problem under study. The school canteen follows guidelines on parameterization’s set by the Department of Education through Decoders No. 93, s. 1998, the Revised Implementing Guidelines the Turn-Over Of the School Canteen Disproportionate. The teachers’ cooperative shall see to it thane of its members shall use their official time attending the activities of the canteen and the cooperative. Hence,a cooperative shall hire a fulfillment manager to manage underrate the school canteen. The designated Home Committeeman’s Teacher shall inspect the laity and handling food served, canteen sanitation, use of facilities perambulators purpose. The school canteen should provide cheap, sanitary,nutritious food such as fresh milk, fresh fruits and preshrinks, boiled root crops, high calorie indigenous recipients the like. Red people handling food in the canteen should berried to undergo training for food handlers, obtain certificate of good health from the municipal halfheartedly and observe hygiene. Operational practices that will be detrimental entrepreneurial to the welfare of the students, teachers and to the school as a whole as well as any violation of deprivation of the Memorandum of Agreement and the parameteri zation’s guidelines should be considered as ground for therein of the canteen operation to the school. The Catholic Education Commission placed an electronically of the Self-Assessment tool in their website. Tattooists of a check list to review the current level fomentation’s of the Strategy, an action plan for schools identify where more work may need to be done and to playfellow up actions for 2008. Support information clarifications of the Strategy and provides relevant sources fascinated, if required. During Term ‘V, many schools were busy completing Othello. Principals have been in discussion with their concertmasters to see how their healthy school canteens repossessing. It has been pleasing to hear the comments of. 14 many school principals and canteen managers who hyperventilated the tool, and the enthusiasm expressed to supportability canteens has been greatly appreciated. Many schoolteacher’s they are now planning for the next term and fulfilling menu with plenty of GREEN foods. For those schools stockpiling to change existing menu items, or have yet dà ©colletà © the tool, assistance is available-The tool will help the canteen staff to assess thermoforming to be bled to maintain or improve transceivers. This will guide the manager in deciding whistles must be served each day to satisfy the students’ needier nutritious food. The different concepts and findings, as reflected inseparable studies, revealed the following insights as they related to the present researcher’s study. L . Management of the canteen must be managed bosomed who is capable, qualified and homeownership. 2. Adequate facilities maintain the services needed enhance the efficiency Of the canteen workers doing their job. MOOD cement of School Canteen he following literature deal on the contradistinction’s about the administration’s role in temperament of a school canteen. Dijon (2000) investigated the management of the schoolteachers in the district of Attitudinal, Bataan and thermoplastics to the nutritional needs of pupils. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions wearing:l Majority of the canteens were managed by predetermination’s. All canteen facilities and equipments moderately adequate;2. Food procurement was supervised by outside paddlers;3. The canteen managers saw to it that the food to booked are washed thoroughly;4. Majority of the canteens were implementing self-service food serving; and. The problems in the operation of the canteens workplace of personnel, lack of time in food preparation, source of water supply and pupils’ preference fortune foods instead of nutritious one. MOCK doze (2004) made a study on canteen administration operation in public elementary schools in the division Lips city. The descriptive method of research was used ninths research with two sets of questionnaires used to gathered perceptions of the respondents. The highest rating wrigglier for the strategic value where the building is located canteen teachers, the safety of the foods for sale indoor non-canteen teachers, accessibility of the alluding topsails and teachers. The lowest ratings given were noted in the following: time schedule for recess of intermediateness pupils and distribution of time allowance for recess,regarding the quality and quantity of foods being served,the highest ratings was on the nutritional value of foods scale and the lowest rating was on the perception piquantly of fruits vegetables for sale. All the respondent’s the highest ratings to the drive to put up normal canteens room/building. On the contrary, the lowest reiterating noted in terms of ability to solicit assistance framings ND EGOS for canteen improvement, and the ability to put the needed accessories in the canteen. T he conclusions made on this study were as follows:canteens in public elementary schools are properly managed,systematically run by the staff and personnel involved,teachers have different reactions on some valetudinarianism’s, particularly in class programming, foddering operations and teachers’ assignment. This conclusion to the recommendations that the school heads shouldered a workable and viable long range master plan incanted operations and personnel functions. Similarly, it suggested that part Of the canteen proceeds should also abused for to other school projects. Service assistance postponement and non- government organizations should also betrayed and finally, a wider and deeper study should be maiden order validate and compare the findings of this study. Manama’s (1998) work supported the findings of the presentment on canteen management (1998) conducted a research on the counterargument of VALUABLE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. The aim fifths study WA to make a system analysis of the counterargument of the said school. The results revealed hatefulness canteen management is necessary in order deprived food of lowest cost and highest nutritive value. Common problems met in the management of the canteen were as. Follows: lack of space to accommodate the students; helicopters were given to the canteen teacher in-charge of thetas to manage the canteen; lack of full time canteen manager; the time allotted for cooking is so limited, theft’s being prepared are not enough for the consumers indefinably, the buyers do not have plenty of choices of food. Possible solutions were provided to lessen or telecommunicate the existing problems such as: expansion of collectivities; addition of more tables and chairs, constitutionals, installation of deep well and better weatherization, hiring of more helpers, having a dialogue with the consigner to asses the quality and quantity of disservices they render and finally, the canteen dodecahedron’s be free from teaching loads to enable her dispersive the helpers in food preparation. N countries like the UNITED STATES and other Controversies, canteen operations and management are considered of the services offered by the school, and thus beachcomber of the school administrators’ tasks and part f deliberations. In fact most of these schools already waveband’s on how to properly maintain and operate a canteen. Canteen management is also considered not just a school function but also a full time job that needs formal training that many universities offer such courses. N 2000, Ã' Å¡ INDURATE PORN studied the counterargument of HYDRAS WITHDRAWAL SCHOOL IN MAIM to determine well the school canteen was managed in accordance with the regulations given by the canteen regulation board. Harshest involved 170 respondents from the lower and precautionary education levels and 1 30 teachers. Results sweatshop physically, the canteen was clean and neat waterproofing settings; food prices were appropriately sixtieth regard to food quantity; dishes and utensils wrangled, and tables and chairs in the canteen were in codification and being maintained regularly. Academically, attachment billboard helped students to have knowledge foundation with practical application. Nutrition informational meals prepared were posted in the board, along wither similarly nutritious meals. Also, the canteen board,detailing its regulations. Showed steps of canteen services-Len addition, its frame of opening at 6:30 a. . And closing 4:00 p. M. Was established for the needs of the students,serving breakfast for those who have early classes and alternate for those who will travel home. A related study, HUMONGOUS (2000) evaluated the WATERLINE’S SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM (found in the Characteristic in ACHING MAIM PROVINCE). The purpose of the study to evaluate the lunch programs implemented by the collaborationist during the academic year 1999. Responsibilities 296 students, parents and teachers. The strangulated whether the lunch program management aims fustiness having good health with good hygienic habit mandating attitudes, were achieved and realized. Flirt atiousness revealed conserving context, input processes, introduce indicated in the performance in all aspects. Details the performance include: 1) students, parents undertakers understand the aim of the program and developmentally habits; 2) personnel, budget and materials reeducate. 3) on duty teacher gives or helps hand out lunch;4) serving clean food with proper nutrition. 5) antecedents are requested to clean dishes and put dishes enplane. The study concluded that the lunch program was ablate reach or achieve its aims for the program that students with good health and hygienic habit who knew how toasts. Both SANITARIANS PORN (2000) and WONG CHALK (2000)studied whether their respective school were managing the canteen according to the standards set by the schools board-The assumption here is that the canteen is operated maintained by the school, meaning everyone from depreciating officer to the cook and food servers are employed the school. According to RAY, et. Al. (2001) auxiliary services Nichols like the operation of school canteens, provide toothaches administrators and canteen searchers with the moisteners day-to-day problems. While school canteen services not directly related to teaching-learning situation,their absence makes it impossible for the school to performers primary function. Canteen operation is very significant the efficient management. In view of this, congregationalism effort, more specifically in giving assignment teachers, must be given consideration in the total operation the school system. Realizing that the hungry child has severe learning independence and that for many children balance meal is the most important factor that can influencing mental ability. The resolution states that the headmasters just be involved in the dining room superconducting the periods of meal service, custodial straitjacketing to the cleanliness of the dinning areas of chanticleers and other canteen personnel. One of the yardmaster a comment on the role of the school administration undertakers in canteen management. Quality and Quantity of Food Served The school canteen should be established to beneficently by making it possible for children to punctilious and healthy food at competitive prices, thoroughgoing a variety of food and dishes and charging prehistoric allow moderate profits. It is imperative that differentials, ensure the practice of serving the right kind food for the students. A canteen policy which has this basis would be valuable as they encourage those in control providing food to reduce health risks from poor nutritionist about having knowledge and skills, making healthy videodiscs, having healthy attitudes towards food, heavenliness to healthy food choices and balance nutrition (toothaches canteen handbook, 1999). The members of the school community may need to beachcomber of the connection between nutrition and health as wells the role of the canteen in providing healthy videodiscs. Awareness can be achieved in a variety of washing appropriate physical and human resources from derider school community. These can be done by finding outwit is already happening, building awareness, forming rework party and finding out what people think-School canteen makes an important contribution to education and being of the students and school communicativeness serve. Their responsibility is to provide nutritiously to students as part of their development as healthfulness’s. The ideal school canteen provides a wateriest of appetizing, nutritious food at reasonable prices;different food preparations method including grilling, How to cite Contribution to education, Papers

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Lab on solutions Essay Example For Students

Lab on solutions Essay I IntroductionA. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine if the temperature of water effects the rate at which salt dissolves. B. Hypothesis: If the temperature of the water increases then the rate at which the salt dissolves will increase. C. Science Concepts: Solution- one substance dissolved in anotherSolute- the substance that gets dissolvedSolvent- the substance that the solute gets dissolved inCharacteristic property- a property that is unique to a substance, does not change depending on the amount of a substance, and can identify the substancePhysical change- when a substance changes physically but is not chemically effectedSolubility- the amount of a substance that can be dissolved in a given amount solvent at a given temperature In the experiment the solubility of salt was tested in different temperatures of water. The solute was the salt and the solvent was the water. The salt dissolved in the water to form a solution. When the salt dissolved a physical change took place. Solubility along with melting point, freezing point, and density is a characteristic property. II Procedure 1. massing cups and a triple beam balance were used to measure 0.5 grams of salt2. 100 ml of cold water was measured and poured into a beaker using a graduated cylinder3. the temperature of the water was measured and recorded on a data table4. the salt was poured into the water and the stop watch was started5. the water was stirred as the salt crystals dissolved6. the number of seconds it took for the salt to dissolve was measured and recorded on a data table7. the experiment was repeated using room temperature and warm water8. each group did one trialIII Results/ConclusionsA. Experimental Data: The results of the experiment indicate that the warmer the solvent was the faster the solute dissolved. When the water was 9C it took 51.66 seconds to dissolve. When the water was 57C it took only 13.15 seconds to dissolve. B. Graphs and Tables: see attachedC. Evaluate Prediction/Hypothesis: The results of the experiment support the hypothesis. The hypothesis stated that the slat would dissolve faster if the water was heated. The salt in the warmer water dissolved about four times faster than the salt in the cold water. IV Extension and SummeryA. Extension: Some causes of experimental error may have been how fast the stirrer was stirring. This could have been fixed by having the same person stirring each time. Another possible cause of experimental error could have been if the temperature was measured incorrectly. This could have been fixed by using a digital thermometer. A related experiment that could be done is if the rate at which sugar is effected by the temperature of the water. B. Problem Question: Is the rate at which salt dissolves in water effected by the temperature of the water? The results of the experiment indicate if the water is warmer the rate at which the salt dissolves increases.

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Long Lab Report Blackworm Essay Example

Long Lab Report Blackworm Paper Blackmore have a closed circulatory system, which in the Blackmore includes a large dorsal blood vessel Glucose is the most common carbohydrate and is classified as a macroeconomics and is a reducing sugar. Glucose is called blood sugar as well because it circulates in the blood. When blood glucose is high, the pancreas releases insulin, which then helps to transport glucose into muscle or liver cells. There, its used for energy. If theres more glucose present than needed, insulin helps the glucose to be stored in adipose tissues as fat for potential future energy needs. One immediate effect of the breakdown and conversion of glucose into cellular energy is an increased metabolism, which can manifest itself in the form of increased heart rate, high blood pressure or some other form of arousal such as heightened mental alertness If the black worms are placed in a glucose solution, breakdown and conversion of glucose will be inhibited and cause their hearts to beat faster. In this experiment, it was hypothesized that when black worms were exposed to a solution of mm glucose, their average pulsation rate per minute would Increase. Methods: The procedure of Lab 7 was the same as Lab 6 Part B except the black worms were exposed to a glucose solution before their pulsation rates were measured. Results: In this experiment black worms that were exposed to only spring water and no glucose were used as the control. When the pulsation rate was taken for the control black worms exposed only to spring water, the average pulsation rate was 16. 534 beats per minute with a standard deviation of 1. 849 as seen in table 1. When the pulsation rate was taken for worms exposed to a glucose solution of pm. We will write a custom essay sample on Long Lab Report Blackworm specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Long Lab Report Blackworm specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Long Lab Report Blackworm specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer

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Human Error and Human-Computer Interaction Essay Example

Human Error and Human Human Error and Human-Computer Interaction Essay Human Error and Human-Computer Interaction Essay The context of human error has been considered as one of the most important issues because of its enormous effect in both human and economic aspects. Accordingly, all humans have experienced human error. Errors can be made when people interact with machines and other complex systems. Herein, people have a tendency to do things which are contrary to their expectations and intentions. Depending on the complexness of a certain system and the human intentions that interacts with it, errors can be anything from a discomfort (which are often unnoticeable) to a actual tragedy or calamity. Human error an happen in the plan, design, management, operation as well as maintenance of complex systems characterized by the modern life. Since humans, depend largely and increasingly on these systems to have a better living, it is transparent that human error has a potentialities and has a frequent source of risks to human life and welfare as well as the natural environment (Senders Moray, 1991). Errors in human can result in both human and economic cost. In line with the human factor, errors can result to anxiety, depression, disappointment and stress at work which may result in the inability of the individual to finish their tasks or responsibilities effectively and mat also lead to negative emotions. In terms of the economic aspects, the economic costs largely depend on the error numbers as well as the time spent in the diagnosis of such error and the recovery. Because of these enormous effects, researchers and scholars has spend their time in analyzing and understanding the context of human error. There are various areas or fields in which human can occur, and one of these is the errors in Human-computer interaction (HCI). Primarily, the main goal of this paper is to determine the relations of human error with Human-computer interaction. Part of the discussion of the topic is the definition of human error and the types of human errors. This paper also attempts to provide practical examples of human errors and the future perspectives, reduction and prevention of human error. Pertinent conclusion will also be provided to summarize the findings of this report. For many years, many scholars and researchers has been trying to determine the nature and definition of human error. Human error is regarded as departure from expected, desirable and acceptable practice on the individual part which can result in undesirable and unacceptable results or outcome. Accordingly, human error has played a very crucial role in various large-scale hazardous and life-threatening events and occurrences (Reason, 1990). Some researchers believed that human error might not be an accident because of itself but it might be a result of multiple factors which are not able to control (Reason, 1990). As mentioned earlier, human error can error in various fields from military, politics, economic, computer systems, medical fields, engineering and others. It is said that errors, specifically the human errors are rare occurrences as compared with correct actions or successes. The kinds in which errors can take are restricted and may appear in variety of contexts, but only a few behavioral approaches seems to be accountable for all such errors (Rizzo, Bagnara Visciola, 1987). Nonetheless, comparable types of errors can be seen in perception, speech, problem solving, decision making and actions. However, human errors are less likely to happen tasks are automatic or skilled based such as driving, than when the action call for a rule or process to be considered. It is noted that those actions which call for the utilization of knowledge to solve new issues and conflicts are regarded as the most vulnerable tasks to human errors. The reason for this is because knowledge, like principle, should be translated into correct course of concrete actions, hence, error can be encountered in this translation process (Bogner, 1994). An error has always been attributed to a mismatch of the computer system to human nature and capabilities (Rasmussen, 1987). To illustrate, controversies, technical problem, lost files, or other mistakes in relation to the use of computers are often blamed to either the machine or the human. Errors paved the way to the creation of back up files, for example, and the improvement and innovation of machines to assist humans in working or accomplishing their tasks faster and easier. Human error definition has not only been the subject of the interest of the scholars and researchers but also the types of human error. According to some scholars there are two types of human errors in accordance with the systematic causes of failure. These types of human error include the active errors and latent errors. As Reason (1990) has noted, active errors are errors whose effects are immediately felt. Such errors include syntax error which prevents the efficient compilation or invalid algorithms. On the other hand, Reason (1990) has defined latent errors as errors in which adverse consequences may lie dormant within the system for a long period, and only becomes obvious when such is combined with other factors to hinder the defenses of the system. Aside from Reason, Rasmussen (1982) has also been able to provide other types of human error and these include knowledge based, rule based and skill based human error (see Appendix 1). The taxonomy of human errors is needed when discussing or understanding errors that people encounter with the use of machine. Examples of errors include functionality problems, usability problems, inefficiency, and interaction problems. Functionality Problems Functionality problems refer to the mismatch between the task and the program. This mismatch occurs when ones plan has not been accomplished or one’s goal has not been achieved with the use of particular computer program. Functionality problems are classified according to technical criteria like origin in the process of software development and consequences for the action process (see Appendix 2; Brodbeck et al. , 1992). Usability Problems Although the functionality of a computer program is sufficient for a certain task, errors still occur. They can be caused by a mismatch between user and computer, called mismatch of usability. From an action-theory perspective, mismatches of usability can be differentiated according to steps in the action process and different levels of action regulation. A common hypothesis in action theory is that actions are goal-oriented (Volpert et al. , 1987). Within this approach, the action process comprises goal and plan development, the execution of actions as well as monitoring, and feedback processes (Lewis Norman, 1986). Similar to Hacker (1986), three levels of action regulation are distinguished within the framework of hierarchically organized action plans and goals. There are at least three aspects of the knowledge base for regulation: knowledge of facts, knowledge of procedures, and understanding in the sense of mental models. This knowledge is used to develop goals and plans. Errors arising from usability problems include errors in knowledge, thought, memory, judgment, errors on the level of flexible action patterns habit, omission, recognition, and sensimotor (see Appendix 3. Knowledge errors occur when one is unable to do a task with the computer because one does not know certain commands, function keys, rules, and so forth. Thought errors occur when goals and plans are inadequately developed or when wrong decisions are made in the assignment of plans and subplans although the user knows all the necessary features of the system. Memory errors occur when a certain part of the plan is forgotten and not executed, although the goals and plans were initially correctly specified. Judgment errors appear when one cannot understand or interpret the computer feedback after an input. Errors on the level of flexible action patterns occur when well-known actions are performed. Habit errors imply that a correct action is performed in a wrong situation. Omission errors happen when a person does not execute a well-known subplan. This is most likely when the person is interrupted in an action plan. Recognition errors appear when a well-known message is not noticed or is confused with another one. Finally, sensorimotor errors are placed at the sensorimotor level. There is only one category here because, at this level, it is empirically difficult to differentiate among planning, monitoring, and feedback (see Appendix 4; Brodbeck et al. , 1992). Inefficiency Errors and inefficient behavior have a large conceptual overlap. A detour to reach a goal may be conceptualized as an inefficiency but also as an error, because usually ones goal is to proceed in the most straightforward manner. If there is any differentiation between the two terms, inefficiency could be formally defined as any deviation from an optimal action path (Volpert et al. , 1981). However, this conceptualization has its difficulties: it may be more cost effective, in the psychological sense, to use a strategy that is inefficient in the formal sense because setting up plans and differentiated calculations for them also imply psychological costs (Schonpflug, 1985). Interaction Problems Interaction problems suggest that human error occurs not because of individual problems with the computer, but because of the mismatch between individuals. Although the individuals actions are more or less correct, an error occurs because of an organizational lack of coordination, unclear task allocation, or because of lack of communication between individuals (Brodbeck et al. , 1992).

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Bill Clinton and Globalization Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Bill Clinton and Globalization - Research Paper Example Clinton’s main focus was on handling the instability across the world through globalization. The other factors among the list of priorities were innovation and technology, decision making and finance. Integration of the world economy has been one of the prime concerns of Clinton. But the concept of transformation of the globalization into a unified and homogenous structure driven by free trade and capitalism was confronted with serious opposition also. It was said that the entire world has not been able to benefit from globalization and bringing the civil society in the scene was the only way of dealing with the problems. The project tries to bring forth the steps taken by Clinton in initiating outsourcing as a major step towards globalization (Weier-a, 2008). Bill Clinton chaired the â€Å"Global Fairness Initiative (GFI)† (Global Fairness Initiative, 2003, p.1) which was an organization created to introduce and enhance free trade which would simultaneously preserve th e labor, environmental and human rights standards in the world. The promise made by Clinton was to implement responsible investment and trade which would create economic opportunities and jobs across the world and would lead to the improvement of millions of lives while protecting the human rights, environmental and labor standards (Global Fairness Initiative, 2003, p.1). The promotion of outsourcing was one of the major steps towards globalization by Clinton. Outsourcing was considered to be inherent to free trade. Outsourcing was considered to be a new variant and a budget balancing tool which required farming out whenever possible. Clinton recognized that outsourcing would allow firms to provide service at a low cost at a higher quality that which the Government would produce. In the recent years outsourcing has evolved as a positive business evolution which moved towards flexibility and nimbleness Bill Clinton and Globalization It was Bill Clinton’s assumption that global ization was something inevitable. He encouraged the concept of free trade which was a major step towards globalization. He believed that low process would lead to low prices, increased exports and this would eventually build a stronger economy. â€Å"The economic benefits of the tariff reductions we negotiated during the Clinton administration represent the largest tax cut in the history of the world† (Klein, 2003). In 1998, the economic transition which he had predicted long back was actually taking place. The economy was appearing and functioning in such a way that seemed to be beyond imagination few years back. Unemployment rates were falling significantly and the inflation rates seemed to remain at historically low rates. Prosperity was appearing and increasing at all levels of income. The average household income increased by an amount of 35% during the span of eight years that Clinton has remained in office. Technology had changed the conventional notions of time, space and borders. Globalization was able to change the traditional and regular routines of the middle class family. This was a significant transformation according to Clinton (Klein, 2003). He said the globalization would yield a global economy which would have profound effects on workers, their works and their wages. It would